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Quilt Detail

Head Two Toad

Pattern $15.00
Kit: To Be Determined 

This project was designed for the 2009 Halloween Season with an eye towards "stretching" our crayon box. Mixed media were the words of the day.  Traditional and Lynn's non-traditional piecing methods, are used in the construction but the "new" fun comes in the mixed media. Hand dyed wool is used for the pumpkin applique and the leaves. Optional hand made cording, made from mutiple yarns and ribbon, is couched to the face of the quilt for vines in addition to the more traditional bias cut homespun. A nifty tool called the Diva Cord Maker was employed for that. Three porcelain plaques sign the vine with "Head 2 Toad" and free hang from the vine/cord with satin ribbon. These were commissioned through an artist in Colorado and add just the right sparkle and dimension to the imagery. This was REALLY fun to construct! Kind of a United Nations of artisans!!!

 I hope to reselect fabric and have this available for sale again a little later this year! 

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